Fertility Boosting Exercises

When you’re TTC, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle—and part of that means keeping your BMI at a healthy level.  The hard-to-achieve, “perfect” weight might make it seem like the world is on your shoulders, especially with fertility struggles on your mind.  So wouldn’t it be ideal to work on your fertility and exercise at the same time?  In this blog, I’ve mapped out quick fertility-boosting exercises to keep you fit and occupied.
That’s right…exercising is as easy as walking every day.  Working out can seem intimidating and scary, but walking is a simple way to get off your feet and stay moving.  Each day, try to increase your walking distance or your pace. Before you know it, you’ll be jogging and running!
Fertility yoga is the latest craze.  Yoga connects your mind to your body, while you stretch and strengthen from head to toe.  There are specific yoga poses that are said to boost fertility, since they engage the pelvic muscles.  Pro-Tip: Find the top yoga poses on https://www.pinterest.com/ifertracker/.
The way I like to think of Pilates is a little more intense and a little less spiritual yoga.  Pilates is beneficial because it focuses on core strength which is pivotal when you’ve successfully conceived and are ready to deliver.
If you’re near a pool, swimming is a great workout because it’s low impact and there are plenty of options.  Whether you swim laps or take an aqua-fitness class, you are avoiding intensive cardio that could ultimately disrupt ovulation.
Exercise is beneficial because, not only does it help you stay healthy, but it is a great stress reliever.  Throughout your fertility journey, remember to take care of yourself—eat healthy, exercise, sleep, and have a solid support system.  You’re not alone…even if you exercise by yourself.
Do you have any other fertility-boosting exercise tips? Let us know in the comments!

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