6 Reasons Why Single Point BBT Tracking Methods Just Don’t Work

If you’ve ever charted your own BBT then there’s definitely something we can both agree on…it’s SO stressful!BBT charting with an oral thermometer is inconvenient, schedule-ruining, headache-inducing, and oftentimes inaccurate.

Here at iFertracker, we do all the work for you! Here are 6 reasons why charting BBT on your own was the worst…before the iFertracker, that is.

#1 True BBT is actually about 30 minutes before waking up in the morning.

That’s right…your true BBT is 30 minutes before waking up. You can’t just put a thermometer in your mouth while you’re asleep so how exactly are you supposed to get accurate data if you measure your temperature after awaking?

With the iFertracker: You wear the device throughout the night, allowing the thermometer to capture over 20,000 data points. Our algorithm will detect the lowest temperature and get your true BBT every night. Magic.

#2 You can’t get up in the middle of the night without ruining your BBT.

Okay ladies. How inconvenient is this?! To have an accurate BBT in the morning, you’d better not get up in the middle of the night. That means no bathroom, no refilling your glass of water, no checking on the kids you might already have. Then you’re tossing and turning trying to sleep while having to pee…then you don’t know when to measure your BBT. Each time you wake up before doing anything during the night? I don’t think so!

With the iFertracker: Our advanced algorithm can detect when you get up in the middle of the night, for whatever reason it may be, and will still find your true BBT. Go get that glass of water, girl.

#3 Your sleep schedule needs to be almost the same every night.

Sleeping in on the weekends? Forget it. When charting your own BBT, you need a near-normal sleeping schedule. That means sleeping at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning. And most of the time, that’s just not reasonable. Life’s hectic and unpredictable!

With the iFertracker: As long as you get 4 hours a sleep a night, you’re all set. Go to sleep when you want, wake up when you want. We’ll still find your true BBT.

#4 Temperature needs to be taken right away when you wake up or your BBT is off.

Who doesn’t like an early morning cuddle? Unfortunately, you can’t move a muscle until you record your temperature in the morning. That means waking up your SO, making them grab the thermometer, and then collecting the data. Sigh.

With the iFertracker: Data is collected continuously throughout the night. Take the device off after you wake up in the morning and sync it to your mobile device at your convenience. No need to postpone your cuddle session.

#5 Putting all the data points on a chart is HARD and unreadable.

You take the temperature, then you have to remember the number, then you have to plot the data point, then you have to analyze the chart. That’s a lot of work. If you mess up one plot point, you can ruin your entire chart. Yikes.

With the iFertracker: We take all your nightly data points and create an easy-to-read chart for you. We’ll figure out your fertile window and ovulation day so you don’t have to.

#6 You see the spike on your chart for ovulation day, but miss the start of your fertile window.

The two days before ovulation are a crucial part of your fertile window. The only way to know when these two days occur is to know when your ovulation day is in advance. Charting your own BBT manually means you won’t know when ovulation day is until, well, ovulation day. This means you’re missing 2 of the 5 days when chances of conception are the highest!

With the iFertracker: We’ll use all your data to find out when your fertile window starts every month. Using the iFertracker, your fertile window isn’t a guessing game.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments!

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