1. This may be because, after changing the battery, you began using the iFertracker without first connecting to your mobile phone/iPad to sync time. Start the iFertracker app and sync the time with your iFertracker on your mobile phone/iPad first, then quit the app and begin using the iFertracker.
  2. This may be because the measurement time is too short. You need to wear the iFertracker for at least 4-6 hours to enable analysis of daily basal body temperature.
  3. The iFertracker may not be in proper contact with the skin. Adjust the wearing position, shave your armpit before wearing, and make sure the metal probe is firmly in contact with the skin under your
  4. Battery may be low. Change the battery and try again.
  5. If the environmental temperature is too low, the iFertracker may stop working. We suggest syncing data immediately after taking it off in the morning, or holding the iFertracker in your hand for a few seconds to warm it up. When the LED blinks, it is ready to sync.
  6. The iFertracker may have accidentally connected with the app while you were wearing it, and data has been uploaded. When wearing the iFertracker, make sure the app is off, or turn off the mobile phone/iPad itself.
  7. On the iFertracker app, click on the Feedback icon in the More >Help menu and explain the problem you have encountered. We are here to help.

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