1. Temperature measurement results vary depending on the part of the body used, though all are supposed to be close to the internal core temperature (what we describe as body temperature). Traditional basal body temperature measurement entails using a thermometer orally. The iFertracker basal body temperature thermometer measures axillary (armpit) temperature. Oral measurements give a higher result than axillary temperature; clinical research shows a 0.5°C /0.9°F difference between armpit temperature and rectal temperature, and a 0.74-1.34°C /1.33-2.41°F difference between ear temperature and rectal temperature.
  2. Taking your temperature at different times leads to different results. Traditional basal body temperature is taken immediately after waking up, while the iFertracker measures it during sleep. (True basal body temperature is about 30 minutes prior to waking).
  3. Different thermometers give different results. Mercury thermometers allow for a margin of error of +0.10°C to -0.15°C /+0.18°F to -0.27°F, while the iFertracker, within the normal temperature range of a human body (35-38.5°C /95-101.3°F), has a margin of error of only ±05°C /±0.09°F.

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