1. After you hold the iFertracker in your hand for a few seconds, the blue LED on the battery compartment side should begin blinking to indicate the power is on.
  2. Battery may be low on either the iFertracker or your mobile device. Try changing the battery (CR2025 battery) or charging your mobile device.
  3. The battery may have been used up very quickly due to low environmental temperature. Try changing the battery (CR2025 battery).
  4. Take out the battery, wait for one minute, then put the battery back and try again.
  5. The electronic components in the iFertracker may need to be reactivated. Take out the battery, then put it back in the chamber with the plus-symbol side facing down. After a moment, replace the battery with the plus-symbol side facing up.
  6. On the iFertracker app, click on the Feedback icon in the More >Help menu and explain the problem you have encountered. We are here to help.

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