1. The Bluetooth function on your mobile phone/iPad may not be switched on or may not be working normally. Try switching on Bluetooth or restarting the mobile phone/iPad. Note that you should turn on Bluetooth and pair the iFertracker thermometer by opening the iFertracker app. You will not see the iFertracker listed in the Bluetooth system menu.
  2. The app may not have launched properly. Please quit the app then launch it again, or delete it and download it again.
  3. The iFertracker may be out of the Bluetooth range from the mobile phone/iPad. Put the iFertracker closer to the mobile phone/iPad to see if they connect with each other.
  4. The iFertracker thermometer may be connected with another mobile phone/iPad. If so, disconnect and try again.
  5. On the iFertracker app, click on the Feedback icon in the More >Help menu and explain the problem you have encountered. We are here to help.

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