Holiday Fertility Bundle
Holiday Fertility Bundle

Holiday Fertility Bundle

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Did you know that 50% of all infertility cases are contributed to both male and female factors? If not, well, that's exactly why iFertracker has teamed up with Legacy, a first-in-its-class sperm testing company. 

What is the Holiday Fertility Bundle? 

It's a holiday deal that offers fertility assessment for the whole couple, thru December 31st. 

Legacy is the first male fertility solution that allows men to test their sperm from the comfort of their own home. Clients receive priority overnight shipping to and from their house, a clinic-level analysis, and personalized lifestyle recommendations for sperm health improvement. Legacy is the perfect gift for couples who are actively trying to conceive as well as those who are curious about their reproductive health. Learn more about Legacy here.

iFertracker makes tracking your fertility simpler and more accurate than ever before by monitoring your core body temperature while you sleep. The iFertracker app and device take the age-old, scientifically-proven method of Basal Body Temperature tracking into the 21st century. With wireless syncing and notifications for each upcoming phase of your menstrual cycle, you won't waste another minute trying to figure out when you're most fertile. Learn more about iFertracker here. 

Combine the best fertility tracker on the market with the leading at-home sperm testing company and what do you get? An absolute fast pass.

Guys: Forget about going to the clinic and ejaculating in a private room that feels oh-so-not private. Legacy will make that embarrassing, red-faced sperm cup handover a thing of the past. You'll get your results online within days of submission, in a format that explains EVERYTHING you need to know about your swimmers. 

Ladies: Ever use a period tracking app that just didn't get you at all? Or maybe you peed on sticks 5-7 times a month trying to measure your Luteinizing hormone only to find out that it didn't help you understand your cycle at all... Well now we have a solution for the whole couple. 

This is the LOWEST price either company has ever offered on their products and we're only running this sale till the end of the year. So take advantage while you can. Assess your fertility now so you truly can plan for later.

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