Ready to Start Using iFertracker?

Open the battery compartment, insert the included CR2025 battery, and close the compartment.

Simply turn on Bluetooth, open the app, and place your iFertracker on top or directly near your phone or tablet to connect it!

First, peel back the white side of the adhesive. Then, stick the patch face down on the device so that it is fully flat and evenly surrounding the probe.

Applying the Sensor

Sleep well! Once you wake up, remove the iFertracker sensor from under your arm. Then, open the app on your phone or tablet and simply place the sensor nearby with Bluetooth on. It will automatically begin syncing — condensing thousands of data points into one true BBT.  Note: You do NOT need to have bluetooth on throughout the night, only when initially connecting the device with our app and in the mornings when you want to sync data from the previous night. 

You should now be able to review any recorded data in the iFertracker app. The sensor records over 20,000 unique datapoints, ensuring you get the most accurate measurements possible.