The Smart Fertility

Wear the iFertracker while you sleep to make
tracking your fertility simple.

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Wear the iFertracker while
you sleep to make tracking
your fertility simple

The Smart
Fertility Tracker

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How it works

What makes us different?

Clean, easy-to-read fertility charts
The iFertracker captures subtle changes in core temperature, which allows it to very clearly outline and color code each phase of your cycle, including: Menstruation, Follicular & Luteal phases, Fertile Window, and Ovulation day. 

Fertile Window prediction and notifications
The app will tell you when you’re most fertile and predict actual ovulation day, ahead of time.

Continuous Temperature Monitoring and Wireless Syncing
1.iFertracker monitors temperature continuously overnight
2. The device syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth (BLE 4.0) in the morning
3. Data is uploaded to the cloud, analyzed by our algorithm, and sent back to your app in under a minute

For any stage of your journey

  • Trying to conceive

    This is our self-proclaimed area of expertise. We’ve helped countless couples get pregnant, some after years of trying with no luck! 

  • Natural Family Planning

    iFertracker is applicable for both the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and the Sympto-thermal Method of Natural Family Planning. Get a more accurate BBT than traditional oral thermometers, plus record physiological fertility changes in our health log such as cervical mucus, sleep quality, and more.

  • Hormone tracking during pregnancy

    Continue using iFertracker after getting pregnant! It can help you monitor hormone levels during the crucial beginning phases and you can share BBT charts with your doctor to evaluate and promote the health of your pregnancy.

  • Postpartum return to full fertility

    Whether you’re breastfeeding or not, its nice to know when your cycle will return to normal during the postpartum period. You can use iFertracker to monitor your hormones after pregnancy and get an idea of when your ovulatory cycles will return. 

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