Erin’s Story

Photo taken in May, 2016. Erin holding her first child, and pregnant with her second (#iFertracker) baby. 

Erin was using the iFertracker for help conceiving. She started using it in September 2015 and got pregnant within two months. Here is her story…

When my husband and I started trying to conceive our first child, we used a regular basal thermometer and I would take a note of my temperature first thing in the morning. The process didn’t work very well. I didn’t always wake up at the same time. Sometimes I forgot to do it. The data didn’t give us any sense of what my actual cycle might be. It took us about four months of trying before we actually conceived.

The second time around, we used iFertracker. I was able to get picture of my cycle about one month after starting to use it. I loved it. And, within two months of trying, we conceived our second child. It was a bit of shock because we were expecting it would take longer, like the first time around. We were thrilled. The iFertracker took a bit of the guess work out of the process and I would recommend this product to anyone trying to conceive.

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